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AvenoCam - highlights of 2019

The Year 2019 has come to an end and we’re looking forward to what 2020 brings us. What we want to highlight with this article is AvenoCam 2019 milestones and how was 2019 for us. 

I’m going to start with some numbers.

In 2019 we’ve made 25 large updates to the platform and all the focus was on stability and improvements. We’re happy to say that in terms of stability, we’ve managed to achieve our 2019 Goals! 

In 2019 we’ve managed to release new features, partly thanks to our great clients that supported us in those projects!

Idea board

Here’s what we’ve released: 

  • Dark / Red theme
  • Yantra - platform destined for Astrology & Tarot
  • Customizable theme
  • Calendar and appointment planning feature
  • Premium Room
  • Smart notification System 

Idea light bulb

What we’ve learned this year? 

Very important things about the current technologies! 

Let me explain this a little bit: 

The biggest change for us was moving from Flash (developed for over 15 years) to WebRTC (developed for the last few years). 

Indeed Flash required a lot of plug-ins and apps to be downloaded in order to stream, the quality is not great and the famous buffering symbol made us crazy most of the time. WebRTC is something 360 different. No downloads/plug-ins, it’s completely browser-based. 

This means you need a device, a browser, and a connection to the internet. The stream can be 100 times better, with a higher definition, this is the future indeed. 

Now here is what we’ve discovered and struggled with, maybe the disadvantages: 

  • In order for WebRTC to work, you need the browsers to respect some specifications, especially when making updates - that’s why there is a WebRTC protocol that updates constantly and browsers can access it easily.
  • This is something new for the giants in the industry that have browsers. So…. some of the time, they don’t respect the WebRTC protocol and that is why all of a sudden a specific browser will not work properly anymore. 
  • The best examples are Firefox and Safari. Chrome has been the most implicated in the WebRTC community. The last from the list is Microsoft Edge, which is not even fully WebRTC compatible …. Yet

Bluetooth Adventures

Another thing we’ve learned -> Bluetooth device integrations on the platform

Almost half of the year we’ve spent developing a Bluetooth system for one of our clients. This Bluetooth system should have been via browser, both broadcasters and clients can control each other’s device, and the system should be compatible with a variety of devices. Mobile compatible and so on… 

We’ve done our research, only Chrome supports in-browser Bluetooth system, so Chrome has the ultimate advantage. We’ve implemented the system, tested, all good and delivered. Just to find out that the clients experienced some unpleasant disconnects at random times that we could not catch it, however, we’ve tested. 

At times we even believed their Bluetooth devices were somehow broken and that’s the cause, maybe. 

Frustration was building, we did not know what was happening for real. After hundreds of hours of testing, we’ve finally caught the error -> that’s happening only on Chrome, Windows10. And…. it’s a Chrome issuethis means the only thing we could do is report it and wait. And that’s it, literally. 

That’s our experience with integrating Bluetooth devices, that it’s normal to randomly disconnect, this is the current technology… it disconnects with 3rd party apps, and mobile apps have 2-2,5 stars in reviews. 

This is the current state of this technology and it requires time to become better and that is the truth that a few people know. Real-Time Streaming is very complex and resource-consuming, and the reality is that technology has not evolved quite as people expect it. 

We would like to thank the client for having patience with us, for not leaving and believing in the product, for putting up with us all this time and we hope to move forward together!

Being different is ok

Other things we’ve done in 2019…….

  • We’ve grown in numbers, we have new colleagues on tech and on sales 
  • We’ve made it possible to change our office, to a more spacious and modern one
  • We had our first Enterprise Clients that believed in investing with us 
  • We had some lows when clients decided to stop their contracts, but we continued believing in the project
  • We continue to learn and get better 

As you can see, we’ve had a lot going on in 2019, we are happy with the stability that the platform has now. 

We will be uploading the plan for the next few months, for what lies ahead for us and for you!   

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