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Launching a new product! SoloCam

We are happy to announce that we will be rolling out a new platform especially created for single models that want to up their online presence. We are calling it “SoloCam”.

SoloCam provides a white-label website that we can install on your domain really easily. It offers the complete feature set to operate a live cam business on your own. The twist is that instead of offering a solution and taking a commission for the services, as all industry providers do, we practice a small flat fee to offer all our services.

Main page

We position our solution between social related platforms - like OnlyFans and ManyVids and big platforms, like Chaturbate and LiveJasmin. Replace private Skype calls and ad-hoc meetings into an organized manner, made to bring you more revenue. Remember, we don’t take commissions!

Part of the feature set you can use to monetize your time, are: being able to stream in freemium or premium rooms, accept tips and gifts, a complete calendar to expose when you will be online, media gallery to upload purchasable content and a completely adjustable homepage where we can install unique templates.


Also, it is designed to be your home base for all your other places you post content, so you can display links that take users to everywhere you are present.

Easy to adopt and completely managed, you don’t need to take care of anything, we added an extra service layer on top of the tech we provide and we offer the complete customization and data posting for you. You will be distributed a personal account manager to take care of everything for you.

Help service

Why is this new service line interesting for you? You will be making additional revenue without the need to configure anything. Everything will come configured with a complete guide on how to use the website to make significantly more revenue.

Integrated with promoting networks, in case you need an additional traffic source, it’s really easy to promote yourself directly through your website.

If all these sound appealing, don’t hesitate to reach out and have the chance to be part of our exclusive BETA group. To book a meeting on this topic, please use the following:

and we’ll explain in more depth how everything works and how much more you can get from your organic traffic.

Let us know you came from our blog post and we will make sure to include some extras.

As always, thank you for spending the time!