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Why a live video streaming business is profitable

Hopefully you and everyone dear to you are doing well during the pandemic time. No question that this is a really challenging time for everyone, but we need to keep safe and go through this.

Although the pandemic closed a lot of doors, one of the things changed, is that people are spending more time online. Whether this has a positive impact on the society, is still to be determined, but for a fact - live streaming operations have jumped a lot in the past few months. From software that facilitates few to few communication, to products that allow you to stream to thousands at once, everyone is live.

Everyone is live

Now, how is this looking from the video chat business perspective. This helped a lot of people to change their perspective upon:

  • Viewing live streaming
  • Being open to share live video as a streamer

Specifically, for the entertainment industry, these translate into more traffic on websites and more streamers sharing content. Overall, we observed that the market has been pushing upwards.

Now, of course opening a video chat business is not that easy of a job. But keep in mind that we gathered a lot of experience through the years and the simple recipe to start and grow is have the following key points:

  • Start thinking whether a business in this industry is really for you - we've seen a lot of cold feet and discouragements through the years, but the fact is, as long as you get into it and pursue the goal, you are guaranteed to make it
  • Find your niche and push really hard on it - the more you are niched, the easier is to pursue your initial users, as you know exactly what they are expecting
  • Validate before anything else - make sure that the assumptions you make are confirmed through the market
  • Team up - get the important parties together to work on your goal - whether is tech department, marketing, sales, management, everyone needs to be aligned
  • Launch, fail and reiterate - learning is the only key performance driver for growth, as long as you keep pushing, things will align easier and the users will feel and reimburse this

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Stay safe!